• EDUCATION:  Generator Specialist Program, Gas and Steam Turbine Program, Mechanical Engineering P. Eng. , Mechanical Engineering Technology, Electrical Technology.


• WORK HISTORY:  Twenty-eight years experience in all areas of power construction, production, protection and distribution.


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C.V. :



General Electric :




Coney Island Consulting, INC.      Sept.2008 - Present

I incorporated a company providing consulting services to the power industry. For ATCO power I was responsible for two major overhauls of 7EA Gas turbines and 7A6 generators. For H.P.C I taught Gas Turbine Fundamentals and Generator Design. In 2010 I rebuilt a 100 MW power plant in Guatemala for an international Insurance company.  I am currently the Co-Gen Construction Specialist, overseeing the installation of a GE 7EA turbine and 7A6 generator at MEG Energy.


General Electric

Field Engineer / Generator Specialist    Sept. 2000-June 2008

I was responsible for technical direction on the repair and overhaul of frame mounted gas turbines, steam turbines and generators. I have worked worldwide and have had to adapt to language and cultural differences.  I have been the technical director on numerous overhauls of frame 5, 6 and 7 gas turbines as well as large and small steam turbines. In the past three years I have been in charge of testing, inspections, repairs and complete rewinding of generators ranging in size from 30 –1,200 Megawatts.


TransAlta Utilities Corporation

Project Manager Turbine Team     Jan.1998-Aug. 2000

I was responsible for managing capital projects for three large thermal generating stations.  Representing TransAlta I ensured that the chosen contractors complied with design specifications and contract terms. I tracked project costs, developed and monitored work progress schedules and co-coordinated all possible conflicts with other outage work. I also investigated equipment for performance issues and performed risk analysis on specific equipment.


Manitoba Hydro

Power Technician      June 1985-Sept. 1997

I traveled extensively throughout Manitoba and worked in virtually every generating, converting and sub-station operated by Manitoba Hydro. In doing so, I acquired vast experience in installing, repairing, troubleshooting and commissioning all types of high voltage electrical equipment




General Electric, Power Systems University    June - Dec 2003

Generator Specialist Training.

The program included theory, design characteristics and specifications of small air-cooled, medium hydrogen-cooled and large water-cooled generators. The training combined academic theory and hands on experience. Topics included electrical fundamentals, insulation properties, mechanical and electrical testing, inspection procedures, thermal degradation concerns, maintenance practices, troubleshooting, installation, repair and commissioning procedures.


General Electric, Power Systems University    Sept - Dec 2000

Gas and Steam Turbine Training.

I was given thorough training on the full fleet of G.E. gas turbines. The courses ranged from mechanical fundamentals of the gas turbine cycle to aerodynamics, turbine cooling, lubrication and fuel systems, bucket designs, material properties, maintenance practices, troubleshooting, installation, repair and commissioning procedures.


University of Manitoba      Sept 1994 - Dec1998

Mechanical Engineering, P.Eng.

Being bilingual and maintaining a GPA above 3.0 I was accepted in an overseas student exchange program. I spent six months studying engineering at a university in, Valenciennnes France. My courses of study included Stress Analysis, Materials Sciences, Dynamics, Finite Element Analysis and Computer Aided Design.


Red River Community College     Sept 1991 – June 1993

Mechanical Engineering Technology

I completed the prescribed 39 courses on schedule and received an academic scholarship. I gained proficiency with many engineering-modeling programs as well as fluid mechanics, stress analysis and material sciences. I received hands on training with C.N.C machinery and quality control equipment.


Red River Community College      Oct 1985-April 1989

Electrical Technology

I graduated with a diploma in Electrical Technology. I was given a thorough academic background in all areas of the electrical field. This program consisted of 26 courses ranging from A.C. and D.C. fundamentals to Digital Electronics, Circuit Protection, High Voltage Distribution and Instrumentation.